Subaru Robin R1700i Portable Inverter Generator Review

subaru-r1700iA Robin Subaru R1700i portable inverter generator is perfect for camping, tailgating, or when there is no power available.  This portable generator is gas powered and can supply a maximum output of 1650 watts of power and a rated output of 1400 watts from its 2.4hp Subaru Industrial EH09-2 OHV series engine.  There is no need for mixing of fuel with this portable inverter generator.

The R1700i produces a low amount of noise at 59 decibels compared to other portable inverter generators.  "These are the quietest gen-sets we've ever offered and people who have heard them are just amazed at how quiet they are," said Brad Murphy, vice president, sales and marketing at Robin America. "Noise is really an issue in Japan and Europe and it's becoming more and more important in the U.S. These generators really put us in a very strong position."

A "reverse cooling" airflow design and the use of sound-attenuating poly-resin panels and enclosures are two design features that help with the reduction of noise.  In the reverse cooling configuration, the air is drawn into the unit by a fan on the generator end and directed over the generator and engine, exhausting through louvers on the front of the unit.

The Robin Subaru R1700i can run for up to 4 hours with its 1.1 gallon fuel tank.  Roughly the size of a small suitcase and light at 45 pounds makes this portable generator easy to move around to different locations. It is very user friendly with its easy to start engine and one-touch control system that allows all of the engine functions to be controlled with the turn of a dial.  The Robin Subaru R1700i has a built in oil sensor, and will automatically shut off when the oil is running low. Heat sensors inside the generator monitors the temperature of critical components and shuts off the power output when an overload condition is detected.  One of the great features of the Robin Subaru R1700i is the high surge-capacity that allows for the generator to output up to 120% of its rated power for up to 20 seconds.

Any person in need of an extremely portable inverter generator that can supply 120 volts of AC power up to a maximum of 1650 watts can benefit from owning this unit. It is small, durable, and easy to use. The Robin Subaru R1700i is suitable for small construction jobs, power outages, or during tailgating parties.

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