Subaru Robin 3200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Review

robin-subaru-rg3200isA generator for any use.

The Subaru Robin RG3200is Portable Inverter Generator is the highest quality generator of its kind on the market. For any small business owners looking to back up computer systems, outdoorsmen running power equipment without a main line, or even home owners who desire a back-up in case of inclement weather, this system is ideal. The Subaru Robin RG3200is Portable Inverter Generator reflects the most recent advancements in efficient energy.

Subaru creates high-quality engine components and fuel efficient technology through their commitment to research and design. The Robin RG3200is is a great example of portability with power. There are plenty of outlets on the generator to support everything that a household or small business may need for operating electronics or data processing systems in the absence of power. The heaviness of the generator (130 pounds) is offset by the wheel system to enhance portability.

With all the power the portable generator produces, it is a marvel there is not more sound. The Subaru Robin RG3200iS is a whispering appliance at 58 dbA, and barely noticeable indoors. The unit is extremely compact and fits neatly into a corner. The fuel efficiency of this portable generator is unparalleled. It takes very little energy to run this generator for extended periods of time.  The 2.9 gallon gas tank allows it to run for 6.5 continous hours at rated load.   The Subaru Robin 3200 watt portable inverter generator is ideal for any appliances succeptible to power surges. The air cooled, 4-cycle, OHC gasoline engine and inverter converts dc current into standard ac current. The outlets provide flexibility to engage many different types of power sources.

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