Powerhouse 2000Wi 60376 Portable Inverter Generator Review

The Powerhouse 2000Wi portable inverter generator provides a clean and portable power source perfect for any campground, tailgating, and is powerful enough for any job site.  It is quiet, compact, and can be easily and effortlessly transported to various locations.

Powerhouse 2000Wi Features

There are many benefits and features to the Powerhouse 2000Wi portable inverter generator such as:

With this portable inverter generator providing up to 2000 watts surge and 1900 watts continuous,   you are able to power and run several different appliances all at once.  A powerful 4.35 HP, 125 cc 4-stroke gas powered engine delivers more than 8 hours of run time at 1/4 load and over 3 hours at full load with only a gallon of gas.

At 62 pounds, the Powerhouse 2000Wi is lightweight and portable.  The convenient built in carrying handle makes this portable inverter generator easy to transport where ever you need portable power.

The fuel economy or variable speed setting  benefits you in several different ways because it makes the engine quieter, plus it saves you money by not using as much fuel.  You can also set it on a consistent speed when you need full power.

Having a high efficiency combustion system allows the Powerhouse 2000Wi portable inverter generator to produce lower emissions than regular portable generators. This is not only a benefit to you but to the environment as well.  The noise level produced by this inverter generator is 56 dB at zero load and 66 dB at full load around 23 feet.  This makes the Powerhouse 2000Wi CARB compliant and meets National Park Service guidelines in the United States.

Recoil start, fuel primer bulb with a manual choke- Both of these features benefits you because it ensures that you will not only have a faster start, but it also makes it much more easier to start. This allows you to get the power you need instantly.


The Powerhouse 2000Wi portable inverter generator is backed by a 1-year consumer warranty and a 6-month commercial warranty.

What Others Are Saying  

Overall, the reviews of the Powerhouse 2000Wi largely agree that it is a great deal for your money. The majority of reviews are positive, commenting that the generator is fairly easy to start and surprised at how quiet it is.  Reviewers give this portable inverter generator an average 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Where Can You Buy the Powerhouse 2000Wi?

You can buy this portable ininverter generator from Amazon and eBay.

Powerhouse 2000Wi Deals on Amazon

Powerhouse 2000Wi Deals on eBay

The Powerhouse 2000Wi portable inverter generator is a great machine to have if you need a high quality, reliable power source during your outdoor activities. It has a long life span great for long time constant use.

If you would like more information about the Powerhouse 2000Wi portable inverter generator, get further details, customer reviews and the latest special price on this page at Amazon.