Inverter Generators Reduce Unwanted Noise

Why purchase an inverter generator when conventional generators are available? The answer is simple. Inverter generators are much quieter compared to conventional generators. Inverter generators are so quiet that they have become the preferred choice for both home use as well as outdoor activities such as camping and tailgating. The sound or noise that a generator produces is measured in decibels, a measure of the sound intensity. Some of the quietest inverter generators produce around 55 decibels. On the other hand, conventional generators will produce in the neighborhood of 65 to 70 decibels.

To put all this in perspective, an increase in 10 decibels is equal to 10 times of perceived sound. Therefore a motor producing 70 decibels will be 10 times louder compared to one producing 60 decibels. Those of us who live in noise sensitive areas know what this means. Many neighborhoods have noise ordinances especially at night time. The latest inverter generators being made today are barely audible from as close as 20 feet away! This is a real benefit for those who live in areas where noise is an issue or for anybody camping at a National Park where there is a noise limit of 60 db at 50 feet from the source.   In fact, the only solution would be to use inverter generators, especially if you do not want to wake up anybody nearby.

The benefits do not end there. Some of the latest inverter generators are capable of putting out 3500 watts or higher of AC current with pure sine wave. This may not sound very important but many of today’s appliances require pure sine wave to be able to operate properly. Pure sine wave inverter generators are able to simulate precisely the AC power that is delivered by a wall outlet. When choosing a generator in this day and age this is perhaps the single most important matter to look into. Conventional generators are NOT recommended to power sensitive electronics like computers. This is just another reason why inverter generators are superior compared to traditional  generators. All inverter generators being made today are capable of giving good, clean sine wave electricity.

Other capabilities of inverter generators include regulated RPM, which means it will only produce the required RPM for the amount of electricity needed. This is a huge plus especially if only a small amount of electricity is being drawn. This is not the case with conventional generators that operate at high RPM’s no matter what the power output is. Obviously this means more noise and more fuel to run the generator at full speed. Last but not least, inverter generators are typically much lighter compared to conventional generators. An inverter generator capable of giving out 2000 watts of electricity will weigh less than 50lbs, easily within the carrying capability of most people. From all this it is easy to see why going for an inverter generator not only makes good business sense, but it will be a lot easier on the ears.